TOPModel fashion design and stationery range

TOPModel fashion design and stationery range

TOPModel fashion design and stationery range

Wondering What to Buy Your Creative Little Ones with a Passion For Fashion! — Let us Introduce TOPModel!

by Lydia Maycock

Is your little one an aspiring fashion designer? 

If the answer is YES! Then hello there, my dear reader! Welcome to Giddy Goats Toys! We have the perfect products in stock for your fashionista. 

Let me introduce you to TOPModel! No, not American's Next Top Model with Tyra Banks. We’re talking about TOPModel by Depesche! No, not the eighties band Depeche Mode! The German-based toy company.  

TOPModel is a product designed to get your kids creating. Let their inner designer express themselves, and imagination run wild. 

TOPModel has many different products, such as design booklets, colouring books, stickers, writing sets, diaries, stationery and even jewellery.

It’s the perfect activity to get your little ones away from a screen for an hour or two (hopefully more).

They are the perfect gift and we even have branded TOPModel paper carrier bags for your goodies to go into.  We'll happily pop some tissue paper round your TOPModel purchases and tie some curly ribbons onto the bag so that your gift is perfectly pretty and ready to be handed over to eager recipients. 

They are brilliant to travel with; some of the larger design books have handles, making it easy for your kiddies to carry their designs around with them, whilst the smaller design or sticker books are the perfect size to pop into a travel bag or handbag to entertain children whilst away or even just in restaurants or waiting rooms, because we all know how quickly children become bored and fidgety! 

They’re pretty reasonably priced as well—prices at Giddy Goat Toys range from £4.79 to the highest being £25.99. But most are priced under £15! — That’s not bad at all!

For those with aspiring Fashion Designers in the room, let’s talk about the perfect TOPModel items for you! 

To get your budding designer started, how about introducing them first to the TOPModel Dress Me Up Sticker Book. In this book, your child has the power of stickers to help them create the next popular fashion trends for the summer. This book includes twenty-four pages for their creations and two pages of foil stickers. 


Or how about TOPModel Fashion Design Book featuring Christy, Malia & Hayden.  Three girls who love fashion but are looking for new inspiration. Your little one can help with that! By using the blank model template to design some cool outfits that everyone will be talking about! 


Create Your Own TOPModel Design Studio is one of the best TOPModel products for your aspiring designer! This TOPModel design studio includes thirty pages of model figures to design their fashion range, one template, twenty fabric styles on ten pages, and two sticker sheets. It also has bright and colourful design examples to inspire your child’s creative thinking. Who knows, by the end of the summer, you could be the next best designer in the world of TOPModel!


This one is great for on-the-go designing, TOPModel Create Your Glamour Special Colour and Design Book. Perfect for taking your portfolio on the go when travelling, as this is one of those books with handles! When suddenly having a surge of inspiration to create! This TOPModel design book has got you covered!

This book includes fifty-two pages for design, two sheets full of stickers, eight sheets of fabric designs, and two stencils.


Don’t forget TOPModel stationery! What else are your children going to use to create their masterpieces? — An artiste is nothing without their tools! 

How about some coloured pencils for skin and hair (this item includes colours for all skin tones and hair colours.), or what about a basic coloured pencil set for those beautiful outfits? How about using the metallic gel pens set to add a bit of sparkle? These pens will make your designs pop!


There are lots of TOPModel products to choose from; these are but a few. Head to the TOPModel page at to shop for more products. Or pop over and see us in Didsbury Village!


TOPModel is one of our most popular items at Giddy Goats Toys and is highly recommended by staff and customers. Suitable for children between the ages of six and ten.