Back to School - how to help ease your child into starting or returning to school

Back to School - how to help ease your child into starting or returning to school

Back to School - how to help ease your child into starting or returning to school

Easing into the new school year with Giddy Goat Toys

Where has the summer gone? We’ve not seen much sun here in Manchester over the summer holidays, but it wouldn’t be Manchester if it didn’t rain all summer, would it? 

We’ve loved seeing all our very happy little customers this August and wish them all well for the start of the new school term. 

It can be both daunting and exciting (for both children and parents!) when September rolls around and children prepare to start or return to school but here at Giddy Goat Toys we have lots of lovely toys, books and games to help make the process easier, whether that's educational activity books and games, or early readers to help complement the learning children are doing in the classroom, or little pocket money treats to reward good behaviour such as getting ready without a fuss in the morning, going into their classroom independently, getting star of the week or all their spelling's right.

In our back to school blog we've highlighted some of our best selling toys to help ease your child into the new school year. 

Activities and Games

For all those starting their educational journey this September and perhaps feeling a little nervous, how about grabbing the Galt All About School Sticker Book to help your child become familiar with school days so when it comes to the scary big day, they will walk in excited and confident about what’s to come. 

Galt has many activity books, including the First Writing, Spelling, Counting, Number Fun Book and more. They’re designed to support your child's school work and are a perfect after-school or weekend activity, especially on a rainy day. 

For little ones just starting nursery Orchard Toys Flashcards are a must! We highly recommend Alphabet Flashcards and Words and Numbers Flashcards. We also recommend buying the Match and Spell game by Orchard Toys. It’s a great game that helps children become more confident during those weekly spelling tests, as it helps them practice how words are spelt. 

These sets are designed to be fun for practising literacy and maths outside of school and the lovely people at Orchard Toys design their products to be colourful and appealing to children and many of their products are tied to the National Curriculum Learning Objectives to support young children in their learning journey, meaning that Orchard Toys' products are the go-to recommendations by the Giddy Goat Toys staff, as their activities and games are designed to strengthen your children's academic skills.

Over the years, one of our best sellers has to be the Play Teachers set which was developed by local teacher Frazer Moyes, whose daughters wanted to role play being at school.  It's a fantastic set for helping children understand what to expect at school and role play being the teacher themselves. 



It’s a great feeling, isn’t it, when you’ve found that perfect pencil case for the new school year?!

Galt has lots of colourful and affordable felt pens and pencils to pad out those nice new pencil cases, all of the highest quality - non toxic and machine washable for mishaps on those nice clean white shirts! Choose from a set of 8 Chunky Colouring Pens or 12 Colouring Pencils?  For younger children, Galt's 8 Triangular Pencils are perfect as they are specially designed to help with grip.

For the budding artist, Galt Squeeze ’N’ Brush Paints are perfect for a brand-new pencil case as they are designed to create no mess. So, there is no need to worry about anything leaking! And for older children we have a set of 12 Glitter Gel Pens by Galt or sets of Neon Gel Pens or Metallic Gel Pens by stationery and fashion design experts Top Model.



After school Friday treat!

When your little ones have had a cracking week at smashing their spelling tests or times tables at school, how about buying them a little treat as a reward? This helps encourage them to continue achieving. Also, we all love a Friday treat!

You don’t have to go wild here. We have many items under £15 that your superstar will enjoy. 

We have Lego Minifigures for you to collect, all priced at £3.99. Choose from Disney100 to Marvel Studios, etc. 

How about Aphmau Mystery Meemeow Squishy Figures or Aphmau Mystery Meemeow Surprise Figures priced at £5.99.

We also have Mash’ems available, from Gabby's Dollhouse to Batman. All are priced at 3.99. 

There are also Top Model books, LOL Surprise mini, Pokemon cards, Bobballs Mini Soft Toys and lots more. 


We love the Friday afternoon post school stampede and hearing about what our little customers have been doing that day and seeing the children who are excited to receive Star of the Week certificates.  During the years we've seen hundreds of children progress through school and many teens now come into our shop talking with nostalgia about coming here when they were little, which is lovely.  So whether you want to encourage and complement your child's learning or treat them for working hard we're here for you both in our Didsbury shop and via our online shop and if you have any questions about what products can help your child's learning journey do ask, we're here to help.