The Wonderful World of Tonies

The Wonderful World of Tonies

The Wonderful World of Tonies

Listen up whilst I tell you all about Tonies

By Lydia Maycock

One of our most popular ranges at Giddy Goat Toys are Tonies! — But hang on a minute! Do you know what Tonies are?  Well if not, of if you've heard the product mentioned but want to know more, then you're in the right place my friend! Let me give you the lowdown on what you’ve been missing out on! 

Tonies were created by Patric Faßbender and Marcus Stahl  believing childhood should be full of magic and adventurous imagination! 

In an age that is more digital than ever, they wanted to create an immersive, screen-free educational product! Tonies are the best of both worlds, they use modern technology to add audio content to beautifully made figurines whilst encouraging children to concentrate and actively listen to the stories, songs or facts on their Tonie figures.

Tonies are not a replacement for reading but a fantastic tool to help children develop their reading skills, expand their imaginations, and encourage them to become independent readers.


Tonies are a global success and have won numerous prestigious awards, including Independent Best Buy 2021 and the Independent Toy Award winners. In 2022 they became the fastest-selling preschool toy.

Parents love this product too, and we can tell you that for a fact! Our customers tell us how much they love this product all the time! Tonies have helped their kiddies easily drift off to sleep at bedtime, encouraged imaginative play, and significantly improved their children’s literacy skills! 

This product is also ideal for children with Dyslexia. Tonies help Dyslexic children to develop strategies to recognise sounds and patterns of words helping them to develop both their reading and writing skills.

(As a Dyslexic myself and a bookworm, I would have loved a product like this when I was a kid!)

Perfect for children between the ages of 0 to10! It’s been designed with your child in mind and is perfectly easy for your little one to use. 

So how do the Tonies work?

Well, to listen to the content on a Tonie figure you need a Toniebox.  This is a soft yet strong speaker that can withstand falls and bumps. Trust Patric Faßbender and Marcus Stahl; they designed and built these boxes to last and withstand any toddler tantrums!

The Tonieboxes are WIFI enabled, travel-friendly, have up to seven hours of battery life and come with a charging station. They come in a variety of colours, including red, blue, pink, green and grey.

Tonieboxes at Giddy Goat Toys

The Tonies themselves are hand-painted figurines which are approximately 7cm high.  Most of these represent popular characters from children's books, films or television programmes and the attention to detail makes them collectable in themselves and children enjoy playing with them and creating displays. There are hundreds of Tonies to choose from, with audio stories such as Disney’s Frozen, Paw Patrol, Pepper Pig, children’s songs and educational Tonies all ready to be collected! 

They’re a whole lot of fun!


Tonies have lots of different accessories, from headphones to carry cases and each Toniebox comes with a Creative Tonie.  This has no pre-recorded content but is blank so that you can record your own content onto it.  Friends and family can use the special Tonies app and can record themselves reading a story for the Toniebox owner to download onto their Creative Tonie so that a child can hear a bedtime story read in their grandparent's voice.  We’ve chatted with many grandparents who have used the app to record themselves reading bedtime stories to their grandchildren and they told us this was particularly wonderful  during the pandemic when they couldn’t see their grandchildren during the lockdowns and felt that this allowed them to be part of their grandchildren's daily routines. 

We’ve been selling Tonies at Giddy Goat Toys for four years now, and they are our customer's best-loved product. We’ve enjoyed hearing how much our customers adore this product because, you know what! We love it too! 

So what’s available at Giddy Goat Toys?

At Giddy Goat Toys, the Tonieboxes are available in red, blue, pink, grey and green. There are also lots of Tonies to choose from. To see what we have available, head to our Tonies page! — 

One of my personal favourites is the Peter Rabbit collection! Come on! Who doesn’t love that cheeky Peter Rabbit and his mischievous yet lovable stories? 

Disney Brave - Princess Merida is also another favourite of mine. Oh! And Horrible Histories, Terrible Tudors! Oh, and… no, no, I must stop. Otherwise, you could be reading this post all day and all night! 

Don’t forget you can shop for this product in-store or online and we have a display box in our shop so you can see - and hear - exactly how the system works.