Mood Bears

Mood Bears

Mood Bears


(As seen on Dragons Den!)

Dancing their way out of the Dragons Dens brick lair and into our giddy toy shop are the Mood Bears! 

We welcomed Love, Hope, Calm, Silly, Sad, Happy and Nervous into the shop, and these cuddly soft toys are very excited to meet their new best friends.

But hang on a minute! What exactly is a Mood Bear?  

Well, do you ever get these things called…feelings? Also known as emotions.

Some are great and can make you feel on top of the world! Others can make you feel down in the dumps. 

Emotions come and go as they please. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old; sometimes, dealing with one's emotions can be challenging.

Children often struggle to identify and express themselves, especially when it comes to mental health. 

Maybe you’ve noticed your child displaying signs of anger, and perhaps your child is struggling to communicate their feelings to you. Well— Mood Bears are here to help! Especially Angry Bear!

Our orange furry friend understands your child's frustrations and is here to help take the load. Angry Bear knows all too well that this emotion is a fiery one indeed but it is also fleeting.

Your little one might not feel like it but give that bear a cuddle and let Angry Bear take away those difficult feelings and bring them comfort. Because no matter what! This bear will always be there for you!

The idea behind Mood Bears came from creator Jo Proud. When Jo was going through a challenging and traumatic period of her life, Jo doodled a picture of a bright yellow bear with a happy face on its paws. To make herself feel better, Jo decided that she would have this bear made for herself. When it arrived, Jo grinned ear to ear with a dizzying smile (something she had not done in a long time). 

From that moment, Jo's life changed forever and, along with the original Happy Bear, created more brightly coloured bears now known as the Mood Bears.

Jo took her creation to BBC's Dragons Den, where she became the first applicant to have all FIVE Dragons wanting to invest. How amazing is that!  

Mood Bears aims to bring comfort to both children and adults struggling to express their mental health. These helpful friends have become an excellent tool for parents and professionals to help little ones communicate complicated feelings that can be hard to talk about at any age. 

Mood Bears used colour psychology to give each bear a bright colour that best represents them. Each bear also has embroidered symbols on their feet, e.g. sad face for Sad Bear, a rainbow for Hope Bear, and heart eyes for Love Bear, etc. 

Making it easy for every child or adult to best identify with the right Mood Bear for them.

Each bear comes with a personalised poem and comes in two different sizes: Large (30cm) and Mini (16cm).

Not only do these Mood Bears bring you comfort and joy — they’re also saving the planet! Nice one Mood Bears!

One large Mood Bear is made from around sixteen recycled plastic bottles, and one mini is around eight! WOWSERS! Honestly, I had no idea because these guys are the softest and cuddliest gang about! 

We currently have three large (30cm) bears (Hope, Love and Happy) and all eight mini (16cm) in-store and online. So how about bobbing down to see us giddy Giddy Goats, and we’ll introduce you to our new friends! 

Or you can visit our website and order them today at 

I hear distant mummers through the inter-web asking what our favourite Mood Bear is. They’re all our favourites of course! But if we have to choose just one, then Silly Bear is our favourite! Because Silly Bear is just giddy as us! 


Lydia with Silly Bears

Image shows Lydia holding Silly Bear in front of our display of Mood Bears in our Didsbury toy shop.


 Written by Lydia Maycock, April 2023