New Lottie Dolls

New Lottie Dolls

New Lottie Dolls

We've been big fans of Lottie dolls since we first came across them at the Toy Fair in February 2016 and they have proved to be popular in our Didsbury toy shop, so we were delighted when they announced they were launching a new range of Lottie dolls and accessories for summer 2017.

In keeping with the Lottie ethos and existing dolls, the new products reflect the spirit of Lottie as an adventurous, independent and fun loving young girl and we're pleased to see that the new range also includes more dolls with different skin and hair colours so that children of different ethnicities can choose a doll from the Lottie range that reflects the way they look if they want to.

There's a Brownie Lottie doll and Brownie outfit available in the new range, which is great as we know that certainly lots of girls in our part of south Manchester go to Brownies or Cubs and again, this reflects Lottie's love of the outdoors and adventure.

Lottie Doll - Brownie Lottie

Wildlife Photographer Mia


We also love Wildlife Photographer Mia - as most children have access to smart phones and ipads and love taking photographs, Mia will appeal to those children with a love of taking photo's of their dog, cat and random insects they come across in their garden and hopefully encourage these budding photographers.  We also love her red polka dot wellies and bright red raincoat, which again reflects her willingness to get outside and explore and investigate whatever the weather. 

 Always Artsy Lottie Doll


Always Artsy Lottie will appeal to those children who like to create, paint and draw.  She comes with an easel and pretend paints and of course a super stylish arty outfit which includes a funky beret.



 Another of the new products we really like is Birthday Girl Sophia - we love her funky birthday outfit and of course, she will make a lovely birthday present herself.

Lottie Doll Birthday Girl Sophia


The people behind Lottie have also produced boy dolls to accompany the Lottie range.  Finn was their original boy doll figure and he is now joined by Junior Reporter Sammi, who is a budding journalist and comes with his own notepad.  Dressed in jeans, trainers and bodywarmer, Sammi will appeal to those children with an interest in what is going on in their schools and local communities and a flair for writing.


There are also lots of fantastic new outfits for existing Lottie fans to buy for their dolls.  As well as the Brownie Outfit, there's a new horse-riding set called Saddle Up which includes a gilet, jodphurs, riding helmet and boots and an Astronauts outfit - of course Stargazer Lottie was the first doll in space, as she went to the International Space Station with Tim Peake, so she really needed her very own astronauts set and, as it includes glow in the dark stars, your child can get in the space zone by decorating their bedroom ceiling!

The new products are available to buy from our Didsbury shop from June 24th 2017 or you can pre-order today!

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