Djeco Review – amazing children’s toys, puzzles and arts and crafts sets

Djeco Review – amazing children’s toys, puzzles and arts and crafts sets

Djeco Review – amazing children’s toys, puzzles and arts and crafts sets

Djeco Review – wonderful toys and specialists in beautiful children's arts & crafts sets.


One of our favourite brands is undoubtedly the funky French company Djeco and many of our customers come into our south Manchester shop specifically to buy Djeco products. The style of their toys, games and arts and crafts sets certainly makes them stand out and this is because of their specialised team of illustrators and designers who work together throughout the creative process to produce products that will inspire children and appeal to adults.


Djeco was founded in 1954 and their collection comprises over 600 products. They produce not just one, but three catalogues every year, having one devoted to their creative art and craft sets, one for toys and games and one for bedroom decorations. It’s been tough to narrow it down, but we have tried to choose a selection of products from each catalogue so that we have something for every budget and every age.


Djeco Toys for babies and toddlers

Djeco have a wide range of toys and puzzles for younger children, of these, one of my favourites has to be the colourful Stacking Cubes, which again are beautifully illustrated. The cubes are made from re-enforced cardboard so are ideal for when babies first starting taking great joy from knocking towers down as these blocks won’t hurt them. As they progress they will learn to stack the cubes themselves as well as pack them back into each other, (it’s never too early to teach them tidying up in my book!).

Djeco cubes mes amis


Similarly, the Topanifarm is a wonderful set with lots of play value.  It includes five colourful strengthened cardboard boxes which can be stacked or use as animal homes as the set also includes five colourful quirky animals.  Lots and lots of play value to be had from this great set, stack the boxes on top of each other, knock over towers, put the animals in the right houses, name the animals and make the right noises for that animal, learn to count and recognise numbers.  Educational and fun plus beautifully designed.




We stock two first peg puzzles by Djeco - the Chacha and Friends peg puzzle and the Farm Animals peg puzzle.  Both feature five cute and quirky animals to take out and replace and are ideal first birthday presents.

These first puzzles are great for helping children with their manual dexterity as well as with recognising and naming the animals featured.


Children's Height Charts and Bedroom Wall Stickers

Also showcasing their quirkiness and eye for design, the Djeco Height Chart vinyl wall stickers are a fabulous addition for any children’s bedroom, nursery or playroom.  We have three sets to choose from – the colourful Friends of the Amazon set which features a fabulous giraffe and lots of animal friends, the Fantastic Knight featuring a brave knight conquering a not terribly fierce dragon, or the Princess Marguerite with our princess in her quirky colourful garden.  Each set comprises a number of vinyl stickers (15 in the Knights set, over 35 in the Princess Marguerite and Amazon Friends sets) and these can be positioned wherever you want them.  They can be moved and repositioned as you wish and are a wonderful way of recording your child’s growth over the years.



Djeco Geoform

Also popular with customers large and small is the Djeco Geoform set.  The premise is simple and tirelessly appealing – a fold out case which is magnetic and which contains magnetic shapes of different shapes, colours and sizes.  Picture cards are included for children to copy, or more creative types can create their own designs.

Whenever this set has been out on our play table its been well played with by children from 2 years through to older children and even adults who can’t resist having a go at making pictures and patterns.  A great staple for the toy box, the Geoform set is also ideal for journeys or for passing time in waiting rooms or restaurants as it can be folded up and has a useful carrying handle.


Djeco Arts and Crafts sets for younger children

One of our consistently top sellers which we always get great feedback about is the Djeco Art for Kids Collages Set for Little Ones.

Djeco Collage for Little Ones

This fantastic set includes four colourful A4 sized cards with animal silhouettes and lots of accessories to use, such as googly eyes, pieces of fabric, flowers, stars and whiskers.  The instruction booklet will help guide you through creating your animal collage to give you a work of art your child will be proud of and which, if framed, will make fabulous pictures to adorn their bedrooms.  Recommended for children aged from three to six years old – great for a couple of children to complete together.


Djeco Mosaics

We stock two lovely Djeco Mosaics sets, both of which contain two detail pictures to complete using the adhesive foam squares.  The sets include guide booklets to show where to stick the coloured squares onto the numbered boards to build up the picture with the squares in the Elephant and Snail set being slightly larger than those in the Fishes sets.  The Elephant and Snail set is recommended for children aged between 4-8 years, whilst the Fishes set is aimed at children aged 6-10 years.  Ideally priced for party gifts and you can be assured that you are giving a quality gift which the recipient will enjoy completing.


Djeco Arts and Crafts Sets for older children


In terms of craft activities and art sets for older children we have selected some lovely items to sell in our Manchester shop and we try to rotate the items available for the benefit of our local Djeco fans who love to see new items and try new sets.


We maintain a selection of basic art equipment such as the Djeco felt colouring pens which are double ended, with a fine end on one end and a brush style end on the other, plus we also stock Djeco paints and have the gouache watercolour palette plus also the gouache paint pots.


We also try to have a range of Djeco arts and crafts sets for a variety of budgets, so that whether you want a small treat for your own child, a party present for your child’s classmate or a present for your child’s birthday or Christmas, then there will be something to suit, with prices starting at just £2.50 for sets of 4 sheets of stickers, or £3.50 for their Surprise Colouring pack which has 8 pictures to complete.  The Djeco Colouring Surprises set also ingeniously includes hidden doors to add an extra element of interest for children, their products offer amazing value for money given the quality and play value of the products making them a great way of giving your child a treat whilst their size makes them just perfect to tuck away in a bag to take away on holidays, train or plane journeys.


Also ideal for taking away on holidays or to while away time on long journeys are the Djeco origami and paper art sets.   From sets to make simple origami animals and faces for children aged 4 through to the enormously popular Origami Planes (which fly out of the shop – boom boom!) and the Djeco Fortune Tellers, all are under £7 and lightweight enough to pack into your holiday holdall.


Also popular and lightweight enough to take on holidays are the Djeco scratch boards sets.  These include 4 detailed boards, a scratch tool and instruction booklet.  Like many Djeco sets they look great when completed and can be framed and proudly hung in your child’s bedroom.  At £7.99 these are also ideally priced for children's party presents too.


With the larger Djeco art sets, we do try to rotate our range, but we always have a great selection that includes some Glitter Boards sets, Sticking cards and Art by Numbers sets, all of which are beautifully designed and presented.  The details in the sets are amazing so that when completed they really are works of art that children can be proud of and again this reflects Djeco’s ethos of providing beautiful, fun to do, design led and creative art sets.


For example, the Djeco Cherry Tree Girls Art workshop has four detailed Japanese themed pictures to complete.  As with all Djeco products, a booklet is included to give guidance on completing the pictures and high quality Djeco felt pens are included so that the completed images are bright and vibrant and visually stunning.



As part of our philosophy at Giddy Goat Toys is to provide toys for older children to encourage them to do creative, non screen based playing, the Djeco arts and crafts sets fit perfectly into our range and it’s always pleasing to find that customers are delighted to have found a present suitable for a child over the age of ten, as often people come into our shop not thinking they will find anything suitable for older children.  What’s even better is when we get feedback back from them or from the kids themselves to say how much they enjoyed using their Djeco sets.


As with all our suppliers, we cannot supply the full range as we don’t have the room, however for anyone after a particular item, we will always try to order stock in for them and are happy to let our shop customers browse their catalogues and cherry particular items which we will then order in for them.  Just call us on 0161 445 1097 or come into our Didsbury shop, or click here to view our current range of Djeco sets available at Giddy Goat Toys and to shop online for Djeco toys, games or arts and crafts.