Mix it up with Lego Mixels

Mix it up with Lego Mixels

Mix it up with Lego Mixels

Local parent blogger Jane from HodgePodgeDays has written this in praise of Lego Mixels.

Lego is a versatile and perennially popular toy for kids. They can follow instructions and build their own kit or let their imaginations run wild and create whatever they want. Lego is great for developing hand to eye co-ordination, dexterity and spatial awareness. At Giddy Goat Toys they have an extensive range of Lego including Lego Classic, Lego City, Lego Creator, Lego Star Wars, Lego DC Comics Super Heroes, Lego Juniors (easy to build), Lego Friends, Lego Technic and Lego Ninjago.

At home we have crates and crates of Lego pieces which are daily tipped out on the floor and played with. It’s a sight which pleases me, a few hours playing with Lego is a great use of my son’s time and I’m happy to watch him and his imagination come up with some wild and wacky creations, as well as joining in when he will let me to create my own Lego masterpieces.

I’ve recently discovered Lego Mixels. They’re little bags of Lego which are just £3.50 each. Each once builds into a strange little monster hybrid. The current series of Lego Mixels (series 8) includes the following packs:

Hydro 41565, Splasho 41563 and Aquad 41564 which are all fire engine themed and can be combined into MCFD MAX (red bags)

Skulzy 41567, Sharx 41566 and Lewt 41568 who are all pirate style monsters can be combined into and PYRRATZ MAX (brown bags)

Surgeo 41569, Skrubz 41570 and Tuth 41571 who are all hospital themed and can be combined into MEDIX MAX (blue bags)

These little bags are great to keep them entertained for a little while, perhaps for when you go out for dinner together for the evening or if you’re on holiday, or visiting people who don’t have crates of Lego to play with.

These self-contained little bags are ideal to throw into your handbag when you’re going out and perfect to give as a little treat as a reward for good behaviour. I’m a big fan of them and so is my little boy who loves to make up his own little monsters.

Mix it up with Lego Mixels. Grab one or collect the whole series at Giddy Goat Toys.