Children’s birthday party present ideas and recommendations by guest blogger Jane Arschavir

Children’s birthday party present ideas and recommendations by guest blogger Jane Arschavir

Children’s birthday party present ideas and recommendations by guest blogger Jane Arschavir


Birthday presents all wrapped up with Giddy Goat Toys


My three year old son has a better social life than me. He goes to more parties in a month than I go to in an entire year (or two years, let’s be honest here). Whilst he loves a good party, I sometimes find it a bit stressful, not to mention expensive. The cost of party outfits and presents soon adds up, especially if every weekend is kids party central.


We try and give thoughtful gifts that the birthday boy or girl will enjoy, and we generally set a budget of about £10 per gift. It’s easy to spend a fortune on gadgets, gimmicks and toys that go beep, but quite often simple, traditional toys, puzzles, crafts and games are enjoyed more by the child and appreciated more by their parents.


Living in South Manchester, we’re lucky that we have Giddy Goat Toys in Didsbury virtually on our doorstep. The staff are excellent, really helpful and knowledgeable. I often wander in with a list of forthcoming birthdays to buy for and ask them to recommend a present; give them a budget and the age of the child and within minutes you’ve chosen the gift and it is being wrapped at the counter.


Giddy Goat Toys stock traditional and quirky toys, games and crafts and they have an excessively good selection of toys under £10. I love their range of crafts from great companies like Melissa & Doug, Galt and Djeco; like the Djeco scratch boards for £8.99, which make lovely presents for budding artists and they’re such beautiful, eye-catching products.  These have been my go-to present for girls aged 6-11 for the last few years.



 Djeco Scratch Cards

Djeco scratch cards


Another easy peasy go-to gift is the Galt Horrible Science sets - there are various sets available such as the Shocking Rocket, Bouncy Eyeballs and Bonkers Bubbles and at £6.99 they are well priced for party present and have been my gift of choice for boys aged 6-10. 

Bouncy Eyeballs Horrible Science


Lego is another great gift for slightly older children; they’ve got Lego Star Wars Microfighters for just £10.99 as well as a range of Lego Friends, Lego Creator and Lego Technics for the older kids.

Lego Star Wars 



For the under sixes you can’t beat a puzzle from their Orchard Toys range; British made, they’re lovely, educational puzzles and games which spark their imaginations, the Bus Stop game (£10.99) is great fun, as is the award winning Shopping List memory game (£8.99). 

Shopping List by Orchard Toys

Shopping List by Orchard Toys


Giddy Goat Toys have been our go-to shop for children’s toys since the party invitations started rolling in. We’ve always found something special for birthday boys and girls whatever their age, from babies to waddling toddlers, pre-schoolers to tweens; artists and scientists, Disney Princesses and Jedi Knights, Giddy Goat have the gift for them.