Ben's six favourite toys for six year old boys

Ben's six favourite toys for six year old boys

Hello, I’m Ben and I’m six years old. I live in Didsbury and my favourite shop is Giddy Goat Toys. I like swimming, playing football, Paw Patrol and Power Rangers.

My Mum has asked what my most fun toys are at the moment, so together we have picked out six of my favourite toys which I like to play with at home.

Ben's six favourite toys for six year old boys

Spiders and Spouts Game – Orchard Toys

Giddy Goat Toys have a selection of these mini games from Orchard Toys to choose from. They are great for taking on holiday or for days out.

Ben particularly likes the Spiders and Spouts game (£5.99). Spiders and Spouts is an update on the traditional snakes and ladders game, featuring characters from the Insey Winsey Spider nursery rhyme. Other mini games in the range include Build a Beetle, Dinosaur Dominoes, Little Bus Lotto, Penguin Pairs, Jungle Snakes & Ladder and Crocodile Snap.

Big Parrot Puppet

Ben’s favourite birds are parrots and he loves to play with this Baby Blue and Gold Macaw Puppet by The Puppet Company. It’s colourful, has a loud squawk and is perfect for puppet shows and puppet play.

Dinosaur Hatching Egg 

Being six, dinosaurs are incredibly important to Ben. He likes to buy himself a dinosaur hatching egg when he has enough pocket money. They’re only £3.50 but he really enjoys watching the egg hatch at home and seeing what kind of dinosaur lives inside it. To hatch your egg, just put it in a bowl with water in and watch it hatch within a few days.

Ben's six favourite toys for six year old boys

Creative Studio: Create Your Own Scene Transfers

Create your own scene using these rub on transfers. Ben really loves playing with these transfer sets. They’re small, inexpensive and great for occupying the kids on a journey. There are have six different sets of transfers (£1.75) to choose from, Zoo, Space Fun, Happy Horses, Sweet Home, Castle and Kids Fun.

Kinetic Sand

Ben is a big fan of kinetic sand. Whether he’s shaping it, moulding it or just playing with it he’s happy, though his favourite thing to do is use it to create a construction site for his collection of diggers. His box of kinetic sand is something he enjoys playing with indoors on rainy days.

Marble Run

Father Christmas brought Ben a Marble Run a few years ago and it’s been something he’s gone back to over and over again. He really enjoys creating exciting marble runs by himself or with a grown up. It’s great for his dexterity and helps him stretch is problem solving muscles. His Marble Run really is a favourite (thank you Father Christmas!).

Ben's six favourite toys for six year old boys

Thank you Ben for choosing your six favourite toys for six year old boys!